Grauer Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

Counselling Staff

Ms. K. Wanney Psychologist Email 
Mrs. Miles Counsellor

Office Staff

Mrs. L. Firth Administrative Assistant Email 


Division Grades
Ms. M. Bawa Teacher 4 Grade 3 Email 
Ms. K. Derricott Teacher 6 Grade 1 Email 
Ms. Friesen Teacher 3 Grade 5, Grade 6
Mr. A. Hunter Teacher 1 Grade 7 Email 
Ms. Juhasz Teacher 5 Grade 2 Email 
Ms. C. Kolosoff Teacher 7 Kindergarten Email 
Ms. Partridge Teacher 3 Grade 5, Grade 6 Email 
Mr. J. Shoub Teacher 2 Grade 5, Grade 6 Email 
Ms. L. Toffolo Teacher 6 Grade 1 Email 

Support Staff

Ms. H. Babikir Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. A. Berry EA
Ms. M. Choinski Learning Resource
Ms. L. Chu EA
Ms. Dillon ECSW
Mrs. Grafe Noon Hour
Mrs. Ho EA
Mr. H. Hoeckh Custodian
Mr. J. Campbell Aboriginal Support
Mrs. Klomp ELL/RESOURCE Email 
Ms. A. Kornah Noon Hour
Ms. R. Kullar-Bains ELL/RESOURCE
Ms. S. Kwan ELL/RESOURCE Email 
Ms. Lowden Custodian
Ms. Mui Librarian
Mrs. Purewal Head Custodian
Mr. T. Tinkley Hearing Impaired Support
Mrs. Todd Educational Assistant
Ms. T. Tsang Resource and ELL Email 
Mrs. Vidal-Wright Educational Assistant
Ms. Yuen Johnston SLP
Ms. N. Zhang Band/ Music Teacher
Ms. Zhou SWIS