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Rights of a Child.

In Social Studies, Division 3 has been studying the Role of the Governmental Organizations focusing on the United Nations: Rights of A Child. We talked about the unequal distribution of wealth around the world and the impact this has on the lives of children. Our very own principal, Mr. A., came in as a guest speaker. His father was the ambassador from Ghana to the United Nations, so Mr. A was able to talk about the role his father played in making the world a better place.

As a culminating activity the grade 4/5 students were asked to choose a symbol and design a foam stamp to represent one of the key concepts of the United Nations Rights of a Child. For example: Emily designed a stamp of a bucket full of water to represent “Every child has the right to clean drinking water.”

This project provided an opportunity for the integration of Social Studies and the Fine Arts curriculum. Using their self-designed stamp, the students had to create a poster that modeled repetition and emphasis. The intent of the poster was to use elements of art to make a political statement. This fulfilled the BC curriculum criteria of, “interpreting and communicating ideas using symbols and elements to express meaning through the arts.”


Ms. K. Friesen and Ms. G. Partridge​


Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021