Students Reflect on their Learning Environment

Through an interview process with students across the school we gathered their thoughts about the changes in the learning environments that they have experienced.  Student responses were overwhelmingly positive.  These examples capture the flavour of what they said:

"The changes in the classroom make me fell happy there there's more places to work and that (it's) quite open"

"The increase of flexible working spaces help me to work in different spots in our class depending what work I have to do."

"(I like) the cooperative work space, (it) can help me learn because it allows me to interact with others who can help me with my learning."

"I prefer standing and maybe sharing ideas with my friends."

"I choose to work at a desk because I am more focussed, I choose to read at the carpet because I feel comfortable."

"I choose to work on the carpet when I need some help from my friends.  I choose to work on the comfy chairs when I need to focus on an assignment so there are not distractions."

"I noticed the less use of light that we use in our class helps me feel calmer and I can focus more."

It is clear that we are on the right track with our explorations about what makes a space more responsive to needs that students identify.  As a school staff we feel very positive about the directions that we are going and enjoy sharing our work with colleagues across the school and district.  Moving forward, we will be looking to refine the questions that we are curious about as we reflect upon the difference in student learning that our changes are supporting.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021