Plant A Seed

Division 5 is so lucky to have a huge magnolia tree in the courtyard that our large class windows look out onto.

​We have been waiting patiently for the magnolia buds to open and this week, they did! The students drew the window frame on their paper and then sketched the magnolia tree in, just like our view from inside our class outside to the magnolia tree. They fine lined their pencil drawings with a black fine liner, then painted with watercolour. We emphasized being creative and adding lots of shades of colours. We have hung them up on our class clothesline. A student exclaimed, upon looking at them all hanging up "I didn't know they would look this awesome." Another child said "I am so proud of my sky I painted. I've always painted my skies blue but this time, I tried to think of all the different colours that can be in a sky. I just painted it the way I wanted."

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021