Heart Core

3 core values about learning that you hold


- patience

- care (showing care for students/staff)

- different ways of learning and showing learning (adapted individual learning by foucssing on strengths)

- we are on a joint learning journey with our studetns (we grow & learn together and from each other)

- collaboration - sharing our passions is key

- we need to teach/learn the "how to" learn

- student learning is social! Students must be provided with playful learning opportunities to reinforce concepts

- differentiating learning is crucial to student development

- assessment for learning is the most powerful way we can help stuents move their learning forward

- needs to be joyful/play-based

- meets students where they are at

- collaborative: students … teachers … families … environment … materials

- laugh & having fun are SO important

- everyone is valued/important

- learning needs to be "just right" (differentiated) for each learner so they can be successful

- no dead ends; always another opportunity to learn

- humanity over authority/hierarchy

- interpersonal competencies > academics

- everyone has the right and ability to learn

- learning must be fun, so that it will be life long

- everyone has something to teach you

- every child has something valuable to contribute

- make learning fun, interesting & creative

- choose activities that let all be successful

- building relationships with students 'miracle minute', taking time to talk about students weekend/interests, etc.

- life long learning - I am learning so much as our educational needs change

- respect, kindness, understanding for students & staff


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021